Governance & Committee

The Crawley Down Residents Association is only as strong as it's community and those who support it.

We rely on our supporters, both through household membership fees, and donations from local people and businesses to be able to support our community in the way we do.

All membership fees are used to provide events, services and grants for the good of our membership. The CDRA committee are unpaid volunteers who are offer their time freely to make Crawley Down a great place to live. If you live in Crawley Down, or have a particular interest in the village, why not get involved?

The important thing to note is that by becoming a supporter/member there is no onus on you to get involved in the Committee.

There are many benefits to becoming a supporter/member including:

  1. Supporting us financially to put on events.
  2. Receive updates about the CDRA, local events and local issues.
  3. Get preferential access to, or discounts/freebies at CDRA events (Village Fayre, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas etc.)

Signing up is quick and simple, just head on over to

About Us

Crawley Down Residents Association is a non-political and non-sectarian unincorporated association.

We operate in and around Crawley Down, West Sussex for the good of local the local community. 

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