About you
Please provide some information about you (and your organisation if relevant) so that we can contact you.

About your stall
Please provide some key information about the stall you'd like to run at the vllage fayre!

Please include details about your company/organisation, what you will be selling/promoting, whether the stall will be 'noisy', or anything else you think may be relevant.
Each pitch is charged at ¦ £25 for a business / trader ¦ £15 for a registered charity or local not-for-profit organisation

The raffle
Every year we run a raffle, it is a great opportunity for you to further promote your business/activity so please join in :)

Review & submit
Please check your entries above, complete the security check and hit 'Send'. Once we have reviewed your stall application we will be in touch and send you an invoice for the pitch fee is your application is accepted.