About the network

The Crawley Down Support Network (CDSN) has been established through cooperation between the Crawley Down Residents Association (CDRA), All Saints' Church and local residents to establish a support network for those who are particularly vulnerable during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDSN is a group of volunteers from our community who wish to help others through this difficult period. The CDSN is not a replacement for government services, healthcare services or any other authoritative body. You should always adhere to advice published by the government throughout the current pandemic.

The CDSN is a support network for those within our community who have nowhere else to turn. If you must self-isolate, have no one to turn to for non-medical support, and are unable to order in the supplies you need using the internet the CDSN is here to assist.

Please help spread awareness of the network by putting a poster up in your window! Posters can be downloaded below:


I need some help

We are currently setting up the network. Please check back for more information shortly. Please note that this will be a service run by volunteers on a limited basis and we cannot deal with medical emergencies or urgent requests. Please contact the relevant agency if your request is urgent. Typical tasks we will be able to help with will include:

  • Collecting pre-paid shopping
  • Collecting medication
  • Finding other basic supplies, staples such as milk, eggs, bread etc that might be required.
  • Help placing orders online / general IT support.

How do I volunteer?

First of all, if you are on this page reading about how you can help those in need over this period thank you. Second, you have come to the right place - at the bottom of this page is a link, this will take you to a form where you can send us your details.

We anticipate that volunteers will be asked to cover ‘shifts’ on the CDSN phoneline. The phone line is internet based so all you will need is a smart phone, PC, tablet, or SIP phone. We are hoping to find volunteers to cover 'shifts' which we currently envisage be weekdays 09:00 - 13:00 (although if you're free at other times then I'm sure we can make it work). If a volunteer receives any requests for support during their ‘shift’ they will respond to all reasonable requests and/or organise the support requested. The CDSN admin team have been in touch with https://getsling.com/ who have agreed to provide us with their system for free over the coming months - volunteers will be given access to this for secure messaging, scheduling and coordinating efforts with fellow volunteers. 'Shifts' will be published on this system and volunteers will be able to login (PC / Web Browser / & Android App) and select the shifts they can cover. If you can't man the phones then please still let us know you want to help - we don't know quite how the situation will develop over the coming weeks/months and the more support we can muster the better.