CDRA Community Grant

Welcome to the home of the CDRA Community Grant.

One of the objectives of the CDRA is to give financial assistance to other local organisations when there are sufficient financial reserves to do so. This financial assistance takes the form of the CDRA Community Grant, and through this grant we hope to support other local organisations whose activities benefit our local community.

To help us manage grant applications, and our finances, the CDRA have moved to a structured grant process. This means that we award grants at the end of our membership year when we know what financial reserves we have and can hand out to local good causes. The key dates to pay attention to are set out on this page.

Applying for a grant is very straight forward, when the application window is open the application form will appear on this page. This will allow you to submit your application to us along with any other supporting information you may wish to provide. Please ensure you complete the form accurately and provide accurate details, particularly the bank account number and sort code which we will need in order to transfer any grant monies awarded. 

Please note that whilst all grant applications will be considered by the CDRA Committee, submission of an application does not guarantee you will be awarded monies.

We look forward to hearing from you..!

About Us

Crawley Down Residents Association is a non-political and non-sectarian unincorporated association.

We operate in and around Crawley Down, West Sussex for the good of local the local community. 


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